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Don’t Let Your Children Treat Their Own Child Like Dolls

I am a man and I never played a doll. It’s not that I don’t love to, but I was raised by this world who taught me that dolls are for girls and guns are for boys which I realized wrong later.

Dolls are good toys.  I love seeing girls (and even boys) playing with them. To see children having such creative imagination on choosing what to dress them thus making unique personalities amaze me. Letting them talk to one another and  building their own houses as if they are real persons is a relaxing moment.

What goodness does it bring to children? Playing with dolls does not only give them pleasure during their playtime or build their creativity. Unconsciously, it teaches them to be responsible on how to properly care for what they have. It brings out the love in their hearts. It’s fascinating to hear them talk to their dolls, whispering words of love before putting them to sleep after playing and even letting their dolls pray along with them.

Yet sometimes we neglect to guide them. Some parents and adults forgot to remind the children about good actions and proper conversation as they play. It is not good just to let their dolls perform a fight scene or dialogues that involve foul words. It’s our responsibility as adults to be aware of what they do because oftentimes they are just re-enacting what they saw from us or from the movies and television programs that they watched.

More sadden than that is for us not to guide them on how to show everlasting love to their dolls. Yes, sometimes their love to their dolls fades as they grow. And when they do, dolls were left neglected, covered with dust or thrown away. We forgot to instill in their young minds that dolls should be like their own children when they become parents.
dollsHopefully, we would not let our children treat their own child like dolls. May we all teach them that bearing a child should be treated preciously and that little angel inside a mother’s womb is not a toy doll to be wasted due to unwanted pregnancy or any reason at all.

Babies are not dolls to be aborted when not wanted. They are not to be given away or left in a corner, a doorstep or in a trash can if irresponsible parents choose to play guns or cars. Every child, born or unborn, is precious.

As early as childhood, may we all prepare them to become good parents. May we all teach them to love a doll not just when they wanted to but forever.

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Hit or Miss: The Art of Crossing Roads

Most of us have been made to believe that cats have nine lives until we studied logic in college. Also, as early as three years old our parents taught us on how to cross roads. Do I make sense? Well, to put a connection between the two, let me share to you a riddle.

You saw a cat that is about to cross a busy road. How will you know that he already consumed his 8 lives and now spending his last? 

(Please spend a few moment to think of the answer before you scroll down.)


The answer: If before crossing, the cat checks first his left and right to make sure that there are no coming vehicles from both direction, then he is now in his 9th life.

Either it is true or not, the fact is we humans are not cats. We only have one life to live. Surely, we don’t want to end our own in getting hit by a speeding car, unless you are not in a proper state of mind. But, however true that it is very dangerous to cross a busy road without using a pedestrian lane, many people still risk their lives by not using the designated areas for crossing roads and highways.

In my country, the Philippines, a lot of overpass structures, pedestrian lanes and signage are available to either remind or warn people to do the proper way of crossing, but still there are a lot of violators. But not like here in Jeddah, KSA. Overpasses are only available in few places and most pedestrian lanes are just on major road’s intersections and to places where there are traffic lights. People tend to risk their lives by playing hit or miss with speeding cars to be able to cross the road. Many avoid spending time to reach the proper areas for crossing, and I am one of them.

Falesteen Road black and white monochrome

 Every night, after work, I cross the highway on the above photo. Note that what is shown is just the other half of the total length I have to cross. The available pedestrian lane are far enough for me waste time using it. By doing it every given night, except during day-offs, somehow I mastered the art of crossing such kind of highway. Let me share some tips which you may apply if you are in the same situation. But remember this is not an encouragement that you do it my way. You always have that option to use the provided areas for crossing.

falesteen monochrome highway black and white

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t double your rush. You are on a rush that’s why you’re taking the risk, but don’t overdo it. Wait for the perfect timing.
2. Second thoughts are not allowed. When you decide to finally cross it, then finish it. Don’t change your mind by going back after a few steps. Chances are you put yourself to higher percentage of getting intro trouble and be hit. That’s why it is important to wait for the perfect timing.
3. Choose how you will cross. It’s either you run through it without stop or take it one lane at a time.  Run through if you saw an imaginary line where you can pass through by running without getting hit. It is a matter of looking and calculating the distance and speed of all the cars. Take one lane at a time if there is no available way of running through. Have a couple of stops  in the middle of the road to let the drivers see you and use your hand to signal them to slow down for you to be able to pass through.
4. It’s better to wear white clothes. White or any light color clothes are easily visible especially at night. Drivers can easily spot and avoid you.
5. Don’t do it alone. Wait for other people who are going to cross too. Crossing with a group is better than crossing alone. When crossing, if possible, use them as a shield. If bad luck happens, they will be the one to be hit first not you.
6. Wait for the clear road. If nervousness attacks, there will always be that moment when the road is clear and you can even walk through and no need to run. This needs a lot of patience. Patience that you rather use in reaching the nearest overpass or pedestrian lane.

In places where drivers feel they own the road, there are no better defense than telling ourselves that we are not superman nor a cat. By doing so we will value our lives more than reaching our destination at a lesser time.

Be safe.

Teachers, Students and Exams

“To toil and not to seek for rest” 
(a motto of teachers paid on an hourly basis)

“Students, even how poor they are in class performance,
still they are capable of doing small miracles,
and even greater sometimes.”

Test questions are about your life.

Multiple Choice questions teach you about decision-making. True or False trains your reasoning. Fill-in-the-blanks provide you freedom. and lastly, don’t forget that ESSAY is not synonymous with EASY.

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Thoughts About God

“Blessings come when you need them the most.”

“In a place where there is no physical church in sight, I finally learn that the real church is within me, with God inside my Heart”

“One thing I’ve learned about God is that He knows WHEN do we REALLY NEED something. He prepares it even before we ask for it. As always, before a problem comes, a solution often comes before.”