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I Dreamed About Avril Lavigne

I just had this funny and weird dream. It somehow bothered me upon waking up.

The story goes like this.

It began when my father arrived at home with an important guest from today’s festival in our village. He introduced me to the guest, it was Avril Lavigne. I can’t believe it. A famous pop-rock star is in the house. “She will have a concert later at night”, my father added.

So she began rehearsing her songs and I was just watching her. I was very amused that I also sang with her every time I knew the lyrics and tune. Then she started to sing a familiar song but I knew it was not hers. My mother who was quietly watching behind me without my knowledge suddenly asked me who is the artist of that song that Avril was singing?  I told her I don’t know.

“It’s from Alanis Morisette,” Avril said.

Avril stopped from rehearsing. We began to chat with one another. Talked about anything. We laughed and shared a lot of stuffs. Then she told me she had to take a shower. I let her choose among our 3 bathrooms in the house but she chose the one inside my room.

avril lavigne

Feeling inspired, I went outside to do some chores, but when came back, Avril was not around. My mother told me that Avril left and walked towards the concert area for another rehearsal, so I quickly rode my bike to follow her.

On my way, I asked a man in a tricycle if he saw Avril, he told me that he saw her turned to an alley 5 meters away from us.

There she was, alone, as if looking for someone. I asked her what was she doing on that place. She said she was looking for me.

“I am afraid you’re gone”, she added.

“No, I will not leave you”, I replied.

We hugged each other at that moment and she began taking ‘selfie’ photos of us with her mobile phone. I was very happy. People began to notice us and it did not bother me. I was seizing the moment. She invited everyone to gather together for a group picture with us. Some of my male friends joined also. I felt it was the best day of my life.


But afterwards while we were having some snacks with my friends and some of the village people, Avril stood up and left my side. Upon coming back, she did not sit beside me but with my male friend.

Then she uttered the most embarrassing words I heard in my entire life. “It was a mistaken identity. I am sorry”, Avril said in a sad voice. She further told us that she thought I was her long-lost secret love whom she met long time ago. She realized it was not me, but my male friend.

As defense mechanism, I told her it was fine and I understand her. As I left, I felt my world trembled. People started laughing and talking about me. I heard someone said that I was so stupid to assume that Avril could have a crush on a guy like me.

I went back home and proceeded to my room where I found out that Avril left a notebook of her song lyrics. What a coincidence, she left something for a remembrance.

I looked outside the window and I heard her rehearsing from a distance because the sound system from the concert area was too loud. A song got my attention while she was singing it.

“I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me

I came in like a wrecking ball
Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung
Left me crashing in a blazing fall
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me”

She was singing “Wrecking Ball” of Miley Cyrus.

“Hey! I should be the one singing that for you”, I shouted while feeling the pain in my heart.

The next morning, I went to the concert area. I sat on a bench while looking at the empty chairs. The stage was already clean.

I am half awake already, but the dream continued running in my mind. I was still sitting at the concert area and hoping that Avril would come back to say some parting words. She didn’t.

I woke up. Confused and bothered. Why did I dream about Avril Lavigne? I opened my laptop and logged-in to my facebook account.

There was one message notification from someone.  It says, “Wake up Dad”. It was from my wife. She is in the Philippines with our son and I am working here at Saudi Arabia. She used to send a message on facebook before I go to work in the morning.

Suddenly I realized, Avril Lavigne is my wife’s favorite artist. In fact she has a lot of posters of Avril in her own room and often sing her songs. She’s a big fan of Avril.

Oh, I miss my wife a lot.

What a dream. 😀


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Don’t Let Your Children Treat Their Own Child Like Dolls

I am a man and I never played a doll. It’s not that I don’t love to, but I was raised by this world who taught me that dolls are for girls and guns are for boys which I realized wrong later.

Dolls are good toys.  I love seeing girls (and even boys) playing with them. To see children having such creative imagination on choosing what to dress them thus making unique personalities amaze me. Letting them talk to one another and  building their own houses as if they are real persons is a relaxing moment.

What goodness does it bring to children? Playing with dolls does not only give them pleasure during their playtime or build their creativity. Unconsciously, it teaches them to be responsible on how to properly care for what they have. It brings out the love in their hearts. It’s fascinating to hear them talk to their dolls, whispering words of love before putting them to sleep after playing and even letting their dolls pray along with them.

Yet sometimes we neglect to guide them. Some parents and adults forgot to remind the children about good actions and proper conversation as they play. It is not good just to let their dolls perform a fight scene or dialogues that involve foul words. It’s our responsibility as adults to be aware of what they do because oftentimes they are just re-enacting what they saw from us or from the movies and television programs that they watched.

More sadden than that is for us not to guide them on how to show everlasting love to their dolls. Yes, sometimes their love to their dolls fades as they grow. And when they do, dolls were left neglected, covered with dust or thrown away. We forgot to instill in their young minds that dolls should be like their own children when they become parents.
dollsHopefully, we would not let our children treat their own child like dolls. May we all teach them that bearing a child should be treated preciously and that little angel inside a mother’s womb is not a toy doll to be wasted due to unwanted pregnancy or any reason at all.

Babies are not dolls to be aborted when not wanted. They are not to be given away or left in a corner, a doorstep or in a trash can if irresponsible parents choose to play guns or cars. Every child, born or unborn, is precious.

As early as childhood, may we all prepare them to become good parents. May we all teach them to love a doll not just when they wanted to but forever.

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