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The Mystery and Magic of Long Distance Relationship

The sun is yours and the moon is mine
Our sights don’t meet as we gaze the sky
Even if oceans measure the distance and time
Our love comforts me and how I live by

Your waking is my moment of sleep
Yet you’re with me in my dreams so deep
Only then I can embrace you as mine to keep
As the sun captures the night it brings joy to my lips

My future is what you live now
While your past is my today
But do believe, somewhere somehow
Our tomorrow will be the same someday.

I love you.


On Love and Maintenance

“We will not cross the bridge when we get there. Instead, we’ll swim on the river underneath, and let the flow bring us to where we should be.”

“I can imagine a life without you…but I can’t live with it.”

“Miles are nothing… we’re still living under the same sky.”

” You may do 100 things that friends ask you, but don’t do any of the things that your partner forbids.”

Note: Photo courtesy of http://tourist-spots.lv2lvu.com/rainbow-bridge-poem/