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Day 29: My Three Windows

Beauty is what I see,
Not the darkness
Nor the ugly.
The world,
a living dreams
Only I remember
the beauty it brings.
As the sun smiles,
His creations sing
My eyes are witnesses
of the dances and hymns.

Goodness is what I do.
To forgive in pain,
To share what I have with you.
People are not persons
No one do it
all alone.
Start to care,
Though it hurts
though unfair.
For my heart not to love,
Is what
I cannot bear.

To Praise is what I cry.
All my days
Until I die.
This life, not this rich
If not You
Whom I would keep.
I live
like a flower,
It blooms but not forever.
So my soul,
Shall not stop to worship
Until I reach
My final sleep.

I have three windows.
My eyes,
My heart,
My soul.

window monochrome photography