On Love and Maintenance

“We will not cross the bridge when we get there. Instead, we’ll swim on the river underneath, and let the flow bring us to where we should be.”

“I can imagine a life without you…but I can’t live with it.”

“Miles are nothing… we’re still living under the same sky.”

” You may do 100 things that friends ask you, but don’t do any of the things that your partner forbids.”

Note: Photo courtesy of http://tourist-spots.lv2lvu.com/rainbow-bridge-poem/



On Blessings

“Do not think of the few things
you did not get after praying.
Rather, think of the countless beautiful things
God has given without asking.”

On Marriage

“Tonight is the last paragraph of a chapter of my life.
Tomorrow, a new chapter shall begin.
The first two words to be written is “I do”.

“It is not about the price of your wedding ring,
it is about how long you will wear it.”

“I love you.
Only three words, but those are the reason
why I continue living.”

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